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Our Story

In the Summer of 2019 I began an adventure in which my dreams became extraordinary; a lifelong avid dreamer, I realized this was something completely different. Situated within the timeframe of the Civil War and after, these first-person dreams were of characters I knew; only they looked different, acted different, and yet I knew them intimately. These were friends, lovers, children. 

As I discussed these with my dear Sister-friend Patricia, and the poems I wrote to share the story, she began a process of illustrating. As this process of sharing, writing and sketching became deeper, our realization that our own connection was one from a past...150 years ago in the past. We both resonated, and in sharing with others within our community, we found we were not the only ones.

This mystical experience became The Lost Harlots, and we are currently working on a companion Oracle deck. We will also be adding prints of the artwork and a blog with Oracle information. Stay tuned!

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