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The Vision of Collaboration

I think it takes courage and humility to truly collaborate on a creative project.

Two years ago Tanja invited me to do some sketches based on the poems she was bringing through and giving birth to. They were poems inspired by her dreams and visions. "Just sketch what feels right," she suggested.

As simple as that sounds the invitation initially felt daunting. It felt as if she was handing a new babe to me with total trust that I would be able to add something to the birth experience that would empower others to feel the depth and truth of her labor. How could I create an image that would put flesh on the bones of her words giving life to the men, women, and children being expressed?

I stepped in slowly at first, sketching Corrine and then Little Bella. I settled into the "feeling" of the faces rather than the artistry of the work. I let go of my own inner critic and settled into the power of her words.

Tanja's responses were humbling. And we knew that there was something very old in what we were going to reveal through this collaboration.

We've been down some roads before. Journeyed in other lifetimes. The poems from visions, the visions from poems, the cycles of remembering and renewing.

This is an inspired journey and we hope you will come along as more is revealed in time.

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