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The Lost Harlots

A Poetic Tale of Love, Loss, and Survival


Oracle Deck

The Lost Harlots is a story that came out of the dreams of a past life filled with Civil War characters and experiences. The dreams span a lifetime. From the moment of the first dream, Tanja Bara has collaborated with the artistic talents of Patricia Ballentine, who resonated strongly with the character Corrine.

The story of Abigail, Corrine, Millie Lily, Little Bella, the Ellison brothers Frank and James, and many others will draw you in to an oft forgotten time. A time when outlaws and harlots were the norm in the building of the West, and we often cheered their successes!

Tanja Bara has been writing poetry since childhood. Her first book of poetry was published in 2019. An avid Nature Lover, Elemental Practitioner of Magick, Healer, Traditional Herbal Practitioner, Astrologer, Tarot Reader, Business Owner, Peace Lover, Music Adorer, Friend, Sister, and Mother, she can be found dancing in her kitchen in her cottage in the White Mountains.

Patricial Ballentine is a Practitioner of Magick, Priestess, Artist, Diviner of all things Beautiful, Creator, Writer, Illustrator, Sister, Friend, Mother, and Grandmother. She has published two books, Reduced to Abundance and My Grandma is a Witch. 

The Lost Harlots was published in 2020, and Tanja and Patricia are currently working on a companion  Oracle Deck. Stay tuned for the Kickstarter platform and release dates! In the meantime, The Lost Harlots can be purchased here or on

 Read an excerpt here

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